Overview :

This specially designed FIREHAWK P.T.O. is perfect for modern age fire engines to transmit high power & high torque. Installed in a midship position between the truck transmission and & the rear axle. The sliding gear is positioned by a manual or air powered shift mechanism.

Available in four different ratios (1:1.17, 1:1.31, 1:1.48, 1.1.62).

Firefly Fire Pumps Pvt. Ltd.
Power Take Off ( FM Series )
Power Take Off ( LM Series )
Power Take Off ( LM Series )

Power Take Off
Power Take Off
Power Take Off

Technical Data Sheet for PTO
  • Gear Case : made of high strength aluminum alloy making the PTO lighter (92.5 kgs approx) yet durable, which makes mounting/maintenance job much easier
  • Gears : Helical gears; made from special alloy steel, carburized, are hardened and ground.
  • Bearings : Oil lubricated oversized bearings make the P.T.O. stronger, silent in operation & operate at low temperature.
  • Ratios : Available in four different ratios (1:1.17, 1:1.31, 1:1.48, 1.1.62)
  • Centre Distance : Increased centre height offers ease of installation of drive line components.
  • Torque : Designed to transfer
    a) Road shaft torque of 10,000 Nm and
    b) Pump shaft torque of 1000 Nm.
  • Cooling Mechanism : Inbuilt water cooling system is provided for continuous operations. Sufficient fins are provided on PTO body for cooling while operating on road.
  • Oil Seals : High quality double lip oil seals provided with dust guards offer virtually leak proof operations for extended periods, no frequent oil level check up is necessary.
  • Gear Shifting mechanism:
    a) Automatic pneumatic self locking gear shift as standard.(Air power allows the operator to shift from road or pump position by actuating a single button. Illuminated signal indicates completion of shift from road to pump.)
    b) Manual gear shift mechanism available as option is supplied with flexible control lever assembly. This makes fitment of control lever very flexible and easy in the driver’s cab, especially with vehicles having tilting cabs.
    C) Combained air controlled with manual over ride gear shifting mechanism also available.
  • Front and rear bearing/bearing caps can be easily removed without removing the gear box from the vehicle; so reduced break down time
  • Flanges to suit any requirements are available.
  • Sufficient mounting pads are provided to suit mounting on any chassis.
Power Take Off
Power Take Off ( Overall Dimensions of PTO )
Model Number Ratio Centre Distance (A)
FM 11 1:1.17 313.0 mm
FM 13 1 : 1.31 306.3 mm
FM 14 1 : 1.48 299.6 mm
FM 16 1 : 1.62 297.2 mm

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